Oh lord look at this pic! FEDOR

I think people are just busting balls...no pun intended. It's a funny situation and they are making fun.

However, I think in this country when guys go into a sauna don't they wear a towel?

LOL at MMANHBFAN the homophobe.

I'm not very religous at all so there goes that theory.

Muslims are very anti homosexuality too by the way. It's not a Christian thing. By the way, if Muslims are so anti homosexuality, why do the men always greet each other in such a homo way.

One says:

The other then says:

It's like a test to see if they are greeting a pickle sniffer or a straight guy.

Thank you....Thank you....I'll be here all week.

You heard that one from me first...don't forget it. It would be funny if someone like the Wayans bros did a sketch on that in one of their movies. It would have been funny in "DON'T BE A MENACE TO SOUTH CENTRAL WHILE DRINKING YOUR JUICE IN THE HOOD".

big deal lol

This is OLD news. Russian sauna styles lol

Why in the fuck you want to a bunch of guys naked in the sauna, who's the gay one!!!!

Post some naked chics!

I'm not a homophobe, but come on.... that is gay!

I dont know about gay or not but it seems a pair of shorts wouldnt be that bad of an idea.

i go in the sauna almost daily I hate when guys go i9n nekkid.I never do

jemmmett, where u at in TX? I got an uncle in Dallas, he used to live in Plano.

lol el guapo

hey i was taken to a public russian sauna when i was 6 or 7 and I turned out ok

Those to guys have a plan with Fedor.

The one guy with the flowers is trying woo Fedor. The other guy with the cabbage is hoping they can toss some salad like he heard they do in America.

LOL at the continued fascination and analysis of anything remotely possibly "gay" by the UG.

To many in the US, wrestling, judo, bjj, sambo seem gay because you roll around with other guys.

It just comes to show that for gays the whole world is gay!

I'm from Eastern Europe and we don't think saunas or grappling are gay. Even naked athletes aren't gay. What we consider gay are the skinny twigs who sit behind their internet computer, weighing 130 lbs, looking like they lost 90 lbs because of AIDS.

"What we consider gay are the skinny twigs who sit behind their internet computer, weighing 130 lbs, looking like they lost 90 lbs because of AIDS."

How is that gay? Lame maybe, but not gay.

Funny how grown men wrestling around on each other in tights/pajamas (gi) in various "gay" positions is considered manly type martial arts - but a couple of guys in a pic whom IM SURE could kick the crap out of 99.9% if not 100% of the dudes on here goofing off is considered TOTALLY ROMO?

jemmmett, no prob dude, I know it's all in good fun.

Hey, TX is great with gun laws. Do you have a carry permit? My uncle and female cousin both have carry permits.

I think you can also have full autos and suppressors (silencers). I think TX allows Class III stuff like that.

OMG ! Anus !

The thing I have never understood about naked saunas (or hippy sweat lodges) is ...do you have to be nude in order for the sauna to have the desired effect? Why nudity?