OH ME GOD (epic win inside)


someone link all the videos from this profile please.

Oh man...........

I don't know how to get the embed code from that page....It's probably right in front of my face, but I'm used to the other format.

By the way.....Oh ME God!! lol


In early


Oh sweet jesus....."that's gold Jerry, gold!!!"

If there's ever a guy in need of a Tapout head tattoo, it's this dude.

I think the one where he sidekicks 5 straight times to the groin and finishes with a forward flip over a neighbors fence is my fav, albeit its a tough call. Any way you slice it I'd hate to run into him in his mother's basement.

Guessing all these workouts ended when his mom called him to the kitchen for a grilled cheese or PB&J.

Nice one MMA guy. Brock needs the Jamman in his camp. lol

Uncle Ricco?

 Good gimmick.  Should get over with the rubes. 

Danlosdi - Oh man...........

 Am I missing something? It's just some dude shadow boxing... umm... fighting. He doesn't have the greatest form or whatever but it seems like his goal is mostly to work out at a somewhat high intensity. Why are we making fun of him again?


 wonder if hes ever sparred

Star Wars Kid looks like he lost weight

 Looks like Shane Carwin on crack to me



Never know if these guys are serious or just trolling....funny either way.