Oh no.. Dirty got a computer!!!

That's right, chicken-f#@$ers!! Dirty got a brand new laptop, and internet access right in his crappy little apartment. That means I've got constant access to this place. I'm gonna ruin someone's day, every day. LOL!!! This is gonna be so much fun.

Also, I'll be able to keep up with all the internet drama, regarding Ryan Boux, Vernon, etc. I don't think I could possibly be more excited.


Will be online with my 360 within days...

who the hells kid did you beat up and steal that from?


Congrats Dirty! Pick on Dougie and Canario as much as possible.

From: Ryan Boux
Date: 06/06/07 12:18 AM
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I was wondering if there are any promoters out there putting on any pro shows in the month of july, I would really like a fight, my email is rdboux@hotmail.com if there is anyone interested, ill fight anywhere. Thanks.

Ryan Boux

No porn Josh. I can ususally make a few phone calls and get the real thing. Sometimes they even bring me food, first. That's how you roll when you're an unemployed deadbeat that knows karate... Chicks dig that shit

Yah Joe, well if you wanna really drive em wild just tell em you also live in your parents basement.

Dont do the internet porn Joe! I tried cyber sex once and now I can never go back to the internet cafe.



What?? you got a computer? who got it for you that polish lady upstairs heheh.. nahh man good to have you on the forum son ..another voice of reason..

btw big congrats on the recent streak i watched a fight of your fight in deep pretty solid..

i hope your enjoying your 360 buddy i know i am mine :)

gears of wars owns Claude and Joe

Pre computer Joe Doerksen


Joe Doerksen potentially soon


Oh snap...


Xbox gamertag: Feydor

Anytime bitches, anytime!!


might take a few days for me to get my crap together... And that's an old gamertag I hope to keep it but if it changes I'll let ya know

That second pic is ME, you fuckers.

madden 07 I welcome all anytime, any place
gamertag theiceman902