My wife and I were both saying that our respect for Tito has really skyrocketed from watching TUF.

I've been a Tito hater (kind of strong, but close) since day one, and he looks like a pretty cool guy.

I just wish he would stop calling his team 'kids'.

It seems like he's tring less hard to build up Tito the character and working on tito the person, smart move, he was pretty disliked for a while.

To respect Tito is to disrespect Shamrock, goku would not approve.

Tito is a good guy..

Chalupa is correct.

Ed Herman was not very impressive in this TUF. Out of shape and
unmotivated. If he had been on Tito's team however...I think he would
have showed why he was favored to win.

I couldnt stand tito. After watching the show I have gained alot of respect for him and actually like him now.

Tito was the real winner from TUF 3. Hopefully he finishes it off with a dismantling of Shammy.

I agree. I always respected Shamrock and hated Tito, and now I've lost respect for Shamrock and I think Tito is freaking awesome. It's totally weird cheering for Tito now.

All of Tito's team has said that they had an awsome training camp and that they've never felt in better shape.

He should have been himself long ago, and he would have been much more popular. Of course he made a pretty good living out of being the bad guy.

I still remember watching that matchup during the PPV and being so disheartened when a guy who i thought was one of my favorites (Shammy) got dismantled by the cocky bad guy. Since watching TUF3, not only have I lost all respect to Shammy and become a fan of Tito's, but he has also becaome a favorite of my wifes and she actually cheers he loses.

Note: She also feels the same way about Matt Hughes as a result of TUF2.

I think people who've talked to Tito in person knew he was the guy you're seeing on TUF now.

I would totally invite him to my birthday party at the roller rink.

Yes I must admit, I also have succumb to the dark side.

The Calf Cruncher

I had a chance to hang with Tito for a while down here in Palm Beach last year and seemed exactly the same and he did on this show. He even got us hooked up on Korns Tour Bus.

He's always been a class act in my book


Everything you said may be true, but the fact of the matter is this. What did people get from this show? They got an image of Tito being the better coach who actually coached and surrounded himself with specialest like Lister and Saul. He genuinely cared whether his fighters won or lost and in Tito's competive mind he wanted them to win just to beat Shammy.

What did we get from Shammy. We need to eat Chicken and Steak and listen to him for motivation rather than train, hit the cardio, and hit the weights. He did not give it his all as in one training session he was gone!

I was a Shamrock fan, but this show made me relize that Ken is delusional and that he really made this about him and Tito rather than about the fighters he choose to try and help them take it to the next level. This show proved that Tito was the better coach, the smarter coach, and the better human being.


Your friendly Neighborhood Calf Cruncher

I could have made this exact same thread.

Can't deny that he's a great coach, and truely looks out for his guys.

"Matt Hughes playing solitaire and ignoring Jason Von Flue after he showed a lot of heart beating Jorge Gurgel"

That was edited from him playing solitare wbout 2 hours before the fight

Ken had a bug up his ass the whole season. Tito trained his guys and seemed to mind his own business, while Shamrock was there to start trouble & instigate fights with Tito. Shamrock was a horrible coach to his guys.

Yup, I've gotta jump right on Tito's sac as well. I've always been a hardcore hater, but he was great on the show.

Krycek - Oh no! A cool dude is in the UFC who also is a decent fighter. I'm so bummed.

Ken will get his ass handed to him again and this time I will be even happier to see it than the first time.