OH NO, Kevin's about to lose!


Gassed 90 seconds into the fight, just sad =(

He looks slow, tired and a little thick in the middle.


He's 37? 38?

Anyone really expect him to change?

 People are surprised by this?

He's too tired to punch. He gets winded at the sound of the bell...

He already looks tired. I was hoping he was gunna explode on Whitehead...this could be a long one...

the worst part is he has to lose to Whitehead

God, this is so sad to watch. He's getting dominated in all areas.

its because of his ugly ass wife...and no cardio


Man, I thought he had it there.

Kevin lost 29-28... Rounds 1 and 2 to Whitehead and round 3 to the Monster..

did randleman not shake whiteheads hand?

Whitehead walked away when Randleman came over to his corner, take what you will out of that.