Oh no, new threat - rectal bombs, how will TSA....

handle this new threat?

So an AQ derper blew himself up with a butthole bomb, terrorists have effective new way to arm suicide attackers....

your move TSA!

Afterward, the counterterrorism unit of Europol, Europe’s police agency, warned that airlines might have to tighten their screeningprocedures because a rectal bomb could escape detection by normal X-ray scanning machines.




"I juss needs to check inside your asshole"

Theyll never be able to check for the super weapon that occurs after my patented frozen broccoli and raw egg smoothies.

fart = Rectal Bomb?


imma drive everywhere before i let the TSA probe me

Sounds like the work of Creasey to me



"“The sensitivity and power of these machines would need to be increased or reviewed, in order to overcome shielding of the device by the human body,” Europol’s report said.

Mr. Asiri, who was linked to the Saudi attack by postings on jihadist Web sites, is also believed to be the creator of the underwear bomb, used in an abortive attempt to bring down an American airliner in 2009.

Despite the concerns about what such bombs could accomplish on an airplane, and that they might make it easier to evade detection by normal X-ray scanners, Robert Bunker, a researcher who has extensively studied the possibilities of body-cavity suicide bombs, noted that there were inherent limitations to the design.

“There are some really practical limitations to what you can do with the basic physics,” he said. “You can only get so much in the body, and there is no shrapnel effect.” Because they are so small, the blast is greatly blunted by the bomber’s body itself.

“It’s good news that these things have very limited lethality,” Mr. Bunker said."


I disagree. Ten people with as much explosives as can be fitted up their asses (think giant dildo or similar) could make a bomb much larger than needed to bring a plane down.

Unlike the meeting bomb, a bomb on a plane wouldn't have to be detonated inside their bodies. The ass is just a means of transportation.

Bootsy Collins - Sounds like the work of Creasey to me

I wish you had...more time....

Blow it out your ass.

--Osama bin Laden

How could they tell through the xray if its a bomb or just a big turd pushing against the backdoor??