Oh no - Stephen A Smith just played himself again when talking about MMA


Second best boxer in the ufc. Sure’s he’s a BB in BJJ but c’mon he’s not a ground specialist


Lol at buying a blue check on Twitter

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I barely know shit about football. When I hear that retard talk football I always wonder if he is as clueless as he is about boxing and mma.


All that fucktard needs to know about sports is the status of non-Caucasian players vs. white ones. I’m surprised that he even has an opinion on anything that doesn’t have a racial component.



Omg, that cringier than watching him hit the pads.

NDA lol

He bought a blue check? Why? @Nick_Diaz_Army you need your legion of fans to know youre legit?

@Nick_Diaz_Army why?

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Everything you do will be hated by someone :100:

Speaking of twitter Jared Gordon just Liked a tweet of mine where I said I gave him all 3 rounds against fat Pat

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Hes not a ground specialist. That’s why he body traingled Charlie Olives from his back, because he was afraid because Olviera is specialistAnthony Smith has a BB too, and he aint no goddamn ground specialist.

Lol!! Why?

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Eric is that you?

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Dustin’s face like “we gotta listen to this guy talk about MMA again”. Lol