OH NO, What a Terrible Night for MMA!

Man I hate the Diaz camp... i know that was millers fault but they didnt have to react by jumping him...

Oh man... CBS, boring fights, look like a bunch of thugs.
All they needed was a female getting KTFO and severly injured to ruin all the progress MMA has made.

Just horrible.

 Diaz style type fight

So disappointing... man. I really don't want to give that incident any attention, because that would only help strikeforce out.

The event would have stayed pretty quiet in the media, but will now get the spotlight in MMA blogs and whatnot... and for what, a stupid brawl. I wish they would just go away now, and have the best fighters go to the UFC.

I can't believe what happened tonight. I thought this show was a lock to be an entertaining one. Man was I wrong. Then the brawl at the end. CBS might just cancel the show.