Oh oh Michigan potus


“tHere waS No sTeaL” - - democrats

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Have you ever seen a group of more confident people so scared to be proven right?


Stop the steal? It’s June ffs.

The election is over guys . Biden is president

Trump says there was a steal so there must have been a steal, trump never lies! - trump cultists

What happens when the truth comes out?

How would that be handled?

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Audits were already done. Nothing found. There is no ongoing formal Michigan forensic audit.


By the people who committed the fraud

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Gotcha! Maybe hire the Ninjas.

Thats Racist GIF

I don’t even see that tweet on her timeline, but I didn’t go any further than a week back.

What I did see though, is Alyssa Milano is considering a run for Congress in 2024, because, reasons.

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