Oh shit.... so my new company

Lets see how many shootings result from them, All praise our new reason to be a lazy sack of shit for a day!!

Must be a lot of Africans that hate this day for all the damage it did to their bottom line…

I went to HS and College in TX. Heard about it every year. Didn’t realize the rest of the country celebrated it.

Thanksgiving is a pretty dark history of what we did to the Indians.

In what ignorant hell hole did you “learn history”? Thanksgiving is the celebration of what happened in a colony after free enterprise replaced a failed experiment in communism that almost starved them to death the previous year. It was celebrated WITH the Indians, not in opposition to them.

And then…

Then you should work for free in solidarity for the slaves.

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Dude, you do realize the natives warred with each other long before euros got there…

And then…

And then they were conquered like every nation standing today… All have a winner and a loser.


LOL! Good Ole RdotC back to seeking that attention he once craved so much. Please tell me RdotC, the topic of Slavery is important to you, correct? So could you please explain to me the extensive work you have done in recognizing and helping to dismantle the 167 countries that still have slavery? You will I’m sure have to cut your list down a bit because the list might not even fit on the remaining space left on the internet itself.

C’mon this is an important topic to you(if you’re not just seeking attention, like we both know you are). You must have done a TON of charity work, am I right? You must be flying out to the African continent nearly every week. If slavery that ended 156 years ago is important enough to take a day off of work, I can’t even begin to imagine how you ever get any work done at all with all the slavery still going on to this day.

Ok so maybe I have you pegged wrong. How about you just tell me how many days of work you’ve missed to help spread the awareness of the slavery that still goes on? It must be in the thousands by now right? I mean, if slavery that ended 130 some odd years before you were ever born is so important that you need the day of off work, you must be taking tons of time off to fight the slavery of the modern day, right?

You people are so fucking fake, it’s almost psychopathic.


I volunteer counseling Gamestop employees who had to join MMA message boards because weirdos tried to get internet cred by making up stories about being badasses.

But yes, I do quite a bit of charity work… for local causes. But lemme guess, saying Happy Juneteenth is just so hurtful to you if someone isn’t doing missions in Africa…

Fucking dumbass.

Goddamn Dave, if I want attention so bad, why are you fucks the ones that are so triggered that you end up typing paragraphs in anger over a thread that literally says:

'Is closing the office next Friday for Juneteenth.

Happy Juneteenth everyone.’

Holy shit bro, round up the boys… that shit is SUPER controversial.

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I mean… lets be real here.

If someone saying Happy Juneteenth really triggers you, you have a problem.

So in other words you’re absolutely full of shit and you’re just seeking attention like a 5 year old. Yeah that’s pretty much what I thought. “HEY GUYS LOOK AT ME!!! I DON’T LIKE SLAVERY, I’M ONE OF THE GOOD WHITE PEOPLE, PAY ATTENTION TO ME”

Yeah I know typing out a paragraph or two is a lot of work. I bet you had to take a significant amount of time off from breaking the chains of slaves being sold to even make your post. God bless you man! You sometimes do charity work… locally. I hear those slaves yelling “God all mighty I’m free at last” already. Keep up the solid work!


Really angry about dem black folk holidays eh Dave…

Carry on.

Pretty sure a thread saying Happy Simchat Torah isn’t going to get nearly the same vitriol out of dipshits like you.

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Happy Juneteenth in advance.

I was going to wish you a happy Hanukkah this year, but I probably haven’t done enough for Israel…

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Oh this is the part where you’re going to play dumb. Oh I get it. So clever of you. I have no problem with Juneteenth. I have a problem with a piece of trash leftist trying to seek attention, using US slavery history to garner attention for himself. You don’t think they suffered enough? Of course not… Not when you can use their blight to bring attention to yourself.

If I thought for even the slightest second you actually cared about Juneteenth, I wouldn’t have even posted(mainly because I didn’t know what it was). But we both know, due to your extensive history of attention seeking behavior, you really don’t care about anything unless it somehow brings the attention back on to you. You’re amoral. Much like a psychopath. It wasn’t an exaggeration when I said it, you should probably look into it with a professional.


Lets really think about this Dave…

If I say Merry Christmas… you aren’t going to question my Christianity.
If I saw Happy Hanukkah… there won’t be 30 posts about virtue signaling for Jews.

But Juneteenth… goddamn pal.

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To commemorate this day, I will take my beautiful Irish wife out to a candlelit dinner and take her home for a hard rogering.

Happy Juneteenth everyone!