Oh shit.... so my new company

Telling a non practicing jew happy Hanukkah to get an reaction isn’t seeking attention? You’re not helping your case much here. Just average out those hours for me could you. Maybe give us a few names of the slaves you have helped free. Go ahead, we will all wait.

As always, you’re a full on retard.

Never change, Davey boy.

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lighter fluid

Ok so, being black is an optional choice now just like being Jewish or Christian. Got it. I’m learning so much.

You’re being a pedantic douchefuck, as always.

Happy Juneteenth.

How much melanin does one need to take the day off? Is it with pay?

Like, by the middle of June, my skin is tanned to “probable cause”.

Does that count?

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Do you work at Popeyes?

Then you read a retarded comment like this and it makes you full understand what you are dealing with.

A shitlib

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If that’s really what you want, you should use your time off for slaveteenth to lose a few inches of fat around your waist… pretty hard to find your inny when you have that much fat surrounding it.

OP is an ally, protector and savior of black folk.

Good for you!! You did better.

Let’s not pretend you posted this expecting a trove of positive responses. Either you are dumb as fuck and need to learn to read the room, or you need to just admit you have nothing better to do than be a troll. For the record I could give two shits about the topic, just find it pathetic how disingenuous you are.

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