Oh snap!!!! Bart's Nightmare!!!!!

I SOOOOO need a Super Nintendo right now!!! Just found a shoebox in the garage full of my old Super NES games and saw that I've got Bart's Nightmare!!!!!! I LOVED that fucking game and I don't care what yall say, I'm sure it's still kickass. I'm gonna have to get a Super NES now. I also saw that I've got good old Stanley Cup. Really good fighting in that game from what I remember.

Yeah - they suck when you go back to them thoug.

Best off staying as good memories - I speak from experience.

Not these ones. My bro found out about the box of goodies this evening and laid claim to them as they are his, but I swiped Super Mario Land and Bart's Nightmare. I remember Nightmare better than Mario cause it was much newer when I got it. The Itchy and Scratchy level owned. Most of those levels owned, sheeit, Bart OWNZ!!!!!!! I'm tempted to take the Stanley Cup as well but I don't want to be too shady.

Check thrift shops in your area for a SNES. I got mine for $8 complete...

Thanks Maestro, I'll check around.

Fuck, or was this my SN when I made that Animal Crossing thread??? shit, this sucks.

ZSNES is your friend...

Why dont you just go to Romnation.net and download the Rom and Emulator. Unfortunately I find that for the most part when I go back and play games I loved Ten years ago they are not what I remembered them to be.