Oh Snap!!! Just got Fisticuffs!!!!

me too.....

I have watched the beginning of the first tape, and it looks pretty good thus far. I'll let you know when I get through them all. It looks like excellent work Scott!

I know that this is an incredibly stupid question but fistcuffs include striking with the leg too, right. Just wanna make sure. I should get more sleep honestly. The bit I'm most intrigue with is Part 3 cuz it sounds real interesting.

Hey Scott!

In the same way that fistcuffs and arthrokinetics have more material to provide follow up extensions, what about IOUF? Is there still more material with regards to throwing/takedowns? Or does IOUF cover all the ROSS material on throwing/takedowns? . I've borrowed IOUF from one of my friends cuz I can't afford to buy my own set just yet. Lousy part-time student job. This honestly opened my eyes. There's so much material to work on. This will last me a long, long time, I'm pretty sure of that. All other instructional tapes I've seen teaches just lots and lots of techniques to copy. Your material's different. Thanks Scott! Keep up the good work, I wish I can do a review, but I'm afraid it might not make very much sense, like everything I've written on this forum. Too much studying left to do. Hopefully in the future.

I finally finished the series yesterday. Let me say that this is another outstanding series and will greatly aid the stand up "game" of those willing to seriously work on the material that is presented.

Due to a lack of time, I'm unable to do a more detailed description of the series, but I seek to have some form of review up by Sunday.


Cool. Waiting for it.


I know what you mean. I just got Fisticuffs and my UGs. I wearing the UGs right now so I think I might be able to train tonight. I remember on one Saturday I got IOUF tapes I was so excited I got a tv and vcr and put them in my office to watch them while at work.


Well Guys,

Be sure to give us your first impressions asap, oh and try to post something before your brain swells out your ears ;-)

I'm really looking foward to getting mine and Shock!, damn that Atlantic Ocean.



Thats right ladies and gents; I have just come from the Post Office with my copies of Fisticuffs and Warrior Wellness. I am having a hard time deciding if I should skip my 2nd and 3rd BJJ class of the day and watch the tapes, or simply go ball up some new, unsuspecting white belts then fly home and watch the tapes. HHmmmmmmm, decisions, decisions...........