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Three women in hijabs are possible hate-crime victims

Portland police are investigating an incident that occurred on Sept. 11 as a possible hate crime.

Three women who were wearing hijabs parked in the lot of the Town & Country Federal Credit Union at 426 Forest Ave. about noon Wednesday, Capt. Vern Malloch said Friday. They went across the street to eat, and when they returned, there was spray paint on their car, he said.

One message appeared to refer to their head covering, customary in some Muslim cultures. It said "nice towel heads," Malloch said. Another part of the graffiti, "learn to reed" and "customer parking only" seemed to indicate it was related to the car being in the credit union's parking lot.

Police are reviewing the credit union's security video to try to identify a suspect or vehicle. The case has been forwarded to the Maine Attorney General's Office to determine whether the crime was motivated by bias.

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