OH Those Amazing Lesbians At It Again!

I have worked with a lot of lesbians. They are amazingly violent. They are huge in sexual harassment cases, as they target each other during their lover quarrels. Give a bull dyke a badge and a gun and they are absolute terrors.


Her unmarked car is an outback 100%


I believe domestic violence rates are statistically a lot higher with lesbian couples than straight.

A lot of compensating going on with them.

Gays and trannies estimate and try to imitate the stereotypical traits of the gender they want to identify with, but since there is no biological or social experience tied to those traits, they do a poor job of it. They are just media-borne charicatures of people, not actual people.

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I been on some gay domestic disputes and they fucking go berzerk. I seen tvs thrown through walls. holes in sheetrock in every room. And have to prie them apart with a fucking PR24

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And that’s just in the PD locker room. Geez.

Dude, I had a Bull Dyke Sgt for years. Watching her eat would make you puke. MMMMMMM YOOOOOOM arggh arggh argggh gnom gnom gnom smack slurp reeeeeee gnom , thpppppppp burp.

She beat up her girlffriend in a hallway near the Chiefs office when refused a kiss on duty. Used to feel her up all the time.

god dam I hated that fucking cunt. Totally irrational two faced unpredictable witch.


Oh fuck, I know an Yvonne Wu back in high school. I doubt it’s her though since this is in NY and not Cali

Wait, you know the Wu family???

I know a handful of lesbians (I live in Norcal) and they all say the feminine lesbians are the mean ones and are usually the ones that are tops and wear the strap on. The bull dykes are just big faggot teddy bears.

Oh Im sure their are a lot of variations. Probably cultural and demographic differences as well.

Put them all together and you get a bunch of “STAY AWAY FROM”!!!

I had a face time call once from a lesbian friend. I picked up and she was naked running around her house. No Idea why she FTed me. Apparently her and her wife were having sex and something set her wife off, and she started hitting her. So my friend grabbed her phone and my name is the first on a LOT of people’s contact list, so she called me instead of calling the cops. Her (now ex)wife tackled her and the phone landed where I got a full show of a naked lesbian wrestling match. My friend was good looking, but her wife not so much. I said into the phone that if they didn’t stop I would show up with the cops. That got them to stop and I said her wife should leave. I told my friend that she needs to leave and that it will never get better. She actually took my advice and got a divorce.



I’ve witnessed this first hand.

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this is within the rules right? I mean you can’t see vagina