Oh well

"SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Sacramento Kings guard Bobby Jackson underwent successful surgery of a major ligament in his left wrist on Monday in which two pins were placed in Jackson’s wrist bone to stabilize the ligament.

Jackson will be in a cast for eight weeks to allow the injury to heal, which will be followed by an additional eight weeks of gradual rehabilitation.

The surgery was performed by Dr. Robert Szabo, Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the UC Davis School of Medicine."


At least I'm gonna get a chance to see what Mo Evans and Kevin Martin are really capable of.


like clockwork

at least Kings fans don't have to worry anymore about being able to re-sign him. They were all worried about how a point guard like him could start on a lot of teams and leave for the big money.

Who would want to pay him now?

Besides Mullin.

BD u remind me of some of the cocky Laker fans from last year!!..prepare for the fall!!!!..lol

wolfdeth is correct, it's gonna be funny. Mofo has a little french fag on his team and he wants to call a scrapper like Bobby a limpwrister.

lol, Maurice Evans kicked fucking ass tonight, kids a stud.

One for most likely to slurp Duncan's bunghole and the other for being the most homosexual player on the team.

HOORAY FOR Tonee Parker!!!

Floppy is cowrecked