"Ohhhhhh NOOOOOOOO!!!!!" (video)


What a waste, think of the book if they tossed her in a mens prison.

lol who the fuck was that screaming lol?

LOL at the black guy pretending to be busy while he's positioning to be on camera...


Didn't this happen during WORKING hours?

Good press - bad press - it doesn't matter.  She's going to make millions more off of this little episode just like when she did her porn videos.


PS - The sheriff may run the jail, but the JUDGE is the only one that can authorize a release from jail after sentencing.  The sheriff should get charged with contempt IMO.

I think someone was stealing that guy's bucket...

"shes already a billionaire"

Nope. This image was all careful marketing strategy so that she could then get the millions in shows and commercials that you earlier referenced.

Her cut of the Hilton fortune is very small. It is huge by our standards, but she is by no means a billionaire.