Ohhhhhh... Sony HVR-Z1U HDV camera

Tonight I went to the DV Expo West and a special invite only Sony party afterwards.

The whole point of the party thing was to go over the features of the new Sony HDV camera. Not the consumer one that is out now, but the "prosumer" version that is coming out in Feb 05.

All I can say is I WANT ONE NOW.

The image quality is amazing. 1440x1080 resolution and it shoots 1080/60i, 1080i/50i(PAL), NTSC DV(60i,30p, 24p) and PAL DV(50i,25p)

Plus you can shoot 60 minutes of any format on to a normal mini DV tape, plus you can shoot all in HDV mode, then capture as HDV or DV, the camera will down convert the video on its own while capturing.

XLR audio and a ridiculous amount of features that are so well thought out that it suprised me that Sony was actually putting them on such a inexpensive camera. Focus assist, programmable buttons and menus, programmable "auto transitions" that allow you to program in timed rack focus and zoom/focus combos. Sony has annoyed me up until now because they would shortchange the consumer/prosumer cameras as to avoid competing with their higher end models, but I think the DVX100 and the JVC 720p camera have opened their eyes.

With Vegas running the cineform codec, you will be able to edit realtime with true 1080i realtime output to a HDTV monitor.

The Canon XL2 and the DVX100a cameras were seriously ignored at the expo, but there were lines to see the Sony HVR-Z1U. Its gonna run about $5000. But thanks to my "connections" with the Sony distibutor I will be able to get one for about $3600!

how's the price tag looking on that badbitch?

~$5000. The consumer model is selling now for about $3500, but the pro one will be worth the wait and the extra money.

SatanJR...thanks for the head's up on that one. I'll definitely keep my
eyes open for it. I'm sure that the other two cameras didn't garner as
much attention as they have been out awhile, at least the DVX100A

Its not just because it has been out for a while it is because this seasons "24p" is HDV. The catchphrase selling point.

Well...the JVC HD is a pile...I hope this one is better. I'm up for
checking it out. I told my girlfriend that if it is as sweet as you say, I'll
be buying one.

LINK to some screen shots from the Z1.

You can see some interlacing on the full size frame, but seeing this footage being played on an HD monitor is amazing. And in the de-interlaced stills there, it isn't an issue anyways. I figure shoot at the 1920x1080 mode, then knock it back to 720p if you need to.

Also, Lynn have you heard about some place that convert Quicktime to film? I heard someone talking about it at the DV Expo and he said it was pretty cheap.

how are you cutting it? Cineform?

I can't wait to see one of these things. I guess I will be looking into