Ohio Commission Responds to Sean Salmon


Ohio State Athletic Commission Executive Director Bernie Profato told Sherdog.com/ESPN.com Thursday that Salmon was putting himself in danger of exile.

“I’m going to confront him with it,” said Profato. “I’m not going to stand for this kind of sh-t. If he doesn’t print a retraction, then he’s out. I’m not going to compromise the integrity of the sport and have someone throw a fight. ... If I had proof, he’d banned for life in Ohio.”

According to Salmon, he and Profato had a heated discussion Thursday, with Profato ordering Salmon to appear at an October 14 hearing to explain the circumstances surrounding the Weickert bout. Salmon’s scheduled October 17th fight in the state has already been canceled.

 Good to see that the OAC executive director has class unlike the unprofessional foul mouth keith kizer.


what the fuck was he thinking writing about that?

some shit you keep to yourself.

like watching tranny porn

 TTT for Bernie!!! One of the nicest guys in the biz!

did he really "throw" the fight? when i hear someone threw a fight, i assume it was for gambling reasons. Sean on the other hand, let himself lose so he would be healthy enough to travel to England to train. What he did is pitiful, but the article was about recovery and redemption; i hardly think the Sean today is capable of such acts.

I understand that you may feel the need to get some things off of your chest. 99% of the time, you are better off swallowing it.

Good, as he damn well should. You lose on purpose, you shouldn't fight.

Let Shannon Ritch and Sean Salmon go try pro wrestling.

I certainly don't think that what Sean Salmon did was good for the sport, himself, the fans, or anyone, but he didn't throw the fight as in he planned to lose when he got in there. What he did is intentionally give up during the fight. Dispicable? Yes. Illegal? No. Fighters do it ALL THE TIME, they just don't admit it. The one fight that pops into my head was Joe, Matt Serra's top student on TUF. He gave up and let himself be put in a submission because he had enough, was nervous, or whatever. Basically, when a fighter just doesn't feel like going on with the fight, he quits. It's poor gamesmanship, to say the least, but it's not a crime.

Not illegal. If he had just tapped for no reason would the commission get involved? He didn't "throw" the fight, he gave up.

 i dunno i think what salmon did was essentially tapping to exhaustion, he just pretended it was an armbar

 Calling MMAJunkie?

Remco tapped from frustration once because Ruas was extending the fight in order to show off.

ranier wolfcastle -  i dunno i think what salmon did was essentially tapping to exhaustion, he just pretended it was an armbar

Then he should have waved off. What he did is try to alter the perception of his tapout. He should have simply said "no more"..

He should be suspended for two years. If he REALLY wants to fight, he'll be back.


sad to see one article may ruin his fighting career

 what he did in the cage happens all the time. but coming out and rying to explain it the way he did, and then continuing to back that position up on this site (and who knows where else) was exceptionally short sited.

the whole "investigation" should start with an MRI... kid isn't thinking right-MM

All he has to do is print a retraction that nobody will ever see, or remember. It's not that big of a deal.