Ohio Fighting Alliance 3

TTT When and where do you guys train at in Chilly Brion? Am I welcome ever?

P.S. Sorry to hijack your thread, Scott! :)

No problem. You are always "Horning In" on things.

What, you think I'm jokin'?



TTT for a good show!!!!

Thanks crazyt.


What's up guys, this is my first post on the forum but I had to jump on here and tell you guys a little more about the O.F.A (ohio fighting alliance) show. The Mansfield show will no less than stellar. Mansfield is located exactly half way between Columbus and Cleveland on Rt 71. The venue is a gym that was used for semi-pro basketball and it will be loud and crazy. Mansfield is a serious fight town and the crowd will be off the hook! Also wanted to tell you guys thanks for the comments.

Hey Matt
Your always welcome its just a small rented out garage we converted to a training hall with a 12x20 ft section of old wrestling mat and a few gymnastic mats (very Ghetto)
But the address is 26 1/2 E Water Street down the Alley between the Camera Shop and Chillicothe Barber Shop

What kind of name is Heavy. Are you a big boy or what. Just kiddin that my partner for the O.F.A. What's up Josh?ttt

Nothing stallion. We've got a lot of work to do. Call me. Tell the little stallions I said hey.

FIGHT! I can't find your email...email me at


doh! nevermind, I saw the contact info on the first thread!

what weight is the tourney gonna be at??? I am ready to fight and i have other fighters who train with me... either email me the info.. or contact Dave Gomez

Man of steel

I think the OFA gold would look damn good around my waste..

When Brion? What times and days do you train?

What, you think I'm jokin?ttt

Hi Fight,

I would like to fight in your show. I was at the last one in ashland and it was great. If you can get me a fight a 145lbs. that would be great. contact me at

Bob Harhay

pbrbob, shoot me your stats and I will see what I have. Thanks ............ttt