Ohio Grappling Challenge returns..

…in APRIL….AUGUST…and OCTOBER of 2008!!!!
I am finalizing the specific dates & locations right now…and will have them posted on here within the next 2-3 days! I will also be sending out fliers to all previous competitors and participating gyms. If you would like for me to send you some information about the Ohio Grappling Challenge (O.G.C.), just shoot me an email (columbusbjj@yahoo.com).
I am also in the final stages of securing a dedicated website for the O.G.C. It should be up within a few weeks.
Our goal is to bring in the highest level of BJJ & Grappling competitors from all around Ohio & the Midwest…and so far, we have done just that! Even though the O.G.C. is still a young event, we have averaged around 97 competitors at each of our events in 2007 & 2006. The quality of competitors here in Ohio & surrounding states has been outstanding! Some past competitors have included champions from events such as:
Relson Gracie U.S. Nationals
Arnold Classic
Pan-American Jiu-Jitsu Championships
World Jiu-Jitsu Championships
Abu Dhabi North American Trials
Not to mention a good number of Professional MMA Fighters (BoDog, WEC, NAAFS, KOTC, Hook-n-Shoot, ect…)!


Some other features of the O.G.C. are:

* All O.G.C. events will have Cash Prizes for both the Gi & No-Gi Absolute divisions!

* All O.G.C. events will be “”!

* Fair registration fees!


Again, if you would like to have some information or fliers sent to you or your gym, please email me your address.


Thanks for your time. I hope to see you at the next Ohio Grappling Challenge!!!


Dustin Ware

President/ Ohio Grappling Challenge


614-288-0398 (Cell)