OHIO PRO-AM Press Release

To Everyone,

I would like to thank everyone for competing in the inaugural Ohio Pro-Am Grappling Championship. We had just over 130 competitors from 11 different states ( Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, New Jersey, and South Dakota ) that came to Dayton Ohio to compete in both Gi and No-Gi competition. We had a good showing in our Kids, Teens, and Masters divisions. The talent level in our Adult Gi and No Gi divisions was phenomenal. We had competitors from Black Belts to White Belts, NCAA All American Wrestlers to Pro MMA Fighters.

We would like to thank our sponsors Biz-Oxydol, BadBreed.Tv, Hard Hustl'n Record label, Basho Screen Printing, and On The Mat dot com. We would like to also Thank Gumby from OnTheMat.com who flew in from California to cover our event.

Without a doubt; the Ohio Pro-Am was the largest and most diverse, independent grappling tournament to happen in the Midwest.

Our Pro No-Gi Heavy Weight Division saw some major upsets. Heavily Favored Wade Rome lost his semi finals match to a tough Brian Van De Walle. Wade injured his ankle on a take down midway through the match and was unable to reverse his position from the bottom. Josh Hendricks beat Mike Whitehead ADCC competitor from Melitch Fighting Systems in sudden death overtime. In the finals Josh Hendricks beat Brian Van De Walle 9-0 to take home the $600 first place prize money.

In our Pro No-Gi Light Weight Division Shawn Williams ( Renzo Graice Black Belt ) dominated his half of the bracket to get to the finals. While Robin Gieseler Brown Belt (Relson Gracie Columbus) submitted Pedro Brandao Black Belt ( Gracie Barra ) via triangle to make his way into the finals. In the finals Shawn Williams would hold the edge and stayed clear of Robin's submissions attempts to win a solid victory 12-0 and take home the $600 first place prize money.

In the Pro Heavy Weight Gi Division Dustin Ware and Tim Dunlap both from Team Jorge Gurgel met in the finals and split the first place prize money. While in the Pro Light Wight Gi Division an early upset happened in the quarterfinals when Chris Jones scored a submission victory over Black Belt Pedro Brandao ( Gracie Barra ) in the quarterfinals via foot lock. Shawn Williams ( Renzo Graice Black Belt ) dominated his side of the bracket and then beat Chris Jones in the finals.

Amateur competition results will be posted later this week

Our Next Event is scheduled for December 4th! Location: ( TBA ) check the site periodically for details www.OHIOPROAM.com

I think Chris Jones actually scored a kneebar on Pedro Brandao, not a footlock. At least from my vantage point.

TTT for some great compition.

cool deal...was a great tournament, well run, plenty of action and some
definite surprises!

This event had everything a Quality event should have!!! Tough Competition, Orginized Promoters & Staff, and for every one to have Fun!!!

Anyone that did not make it to this event and you live in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michgian, West Virginia, and any where else with in a 6 hour drive...you really missed out on a good time!!! Great event & the next one on December 4th will be even better!

Did I mention the level of the grapplers at this event? I think it goes with out saying that the BJJ/Grappling scene in the Midwest is just as good as anywhere in the country!

During the course of the day you had the following "upsets":

Chris Jones (Purple Belt) Submitted Pedro Brando (Black Belt) via Knee Bar

Josh Hendricks defeated Mike Whitehead

Brian Van Da Wall defeated Wade Rome

Robin Giessler submitted Pedro Brando **NOTE that Perdo had an injured Knee from the PRO. Gi division**

All of those winners are from Ohio!

Cant wait till the next one!!!

Dustin Ware





No Gi Divisions


Heavy Weight 175 & Above

1) Josh Hendricks

2) Brian Van De Walle

3) Rob Masko

4) Wade Rome

Light Weight 174.9 & Below

1) Shawn Williams

2) Robin Giesseler

3) Brian Atterson

4) Pedro Brandao


Heavy Weight 216 & Above – Advanced

1) Bryan Hensley

2) Guy Chambers

3) Dustin Ware

4) James Dishang

Light Heavy 201 – 215.9 Advanced

1) Travis Traylor

2) Bommer Knight

3) Dave Ditallo

4) Edward Henriquez

Middle Weight 174-187.9 – Advanced

1) Chris Lynd

2) Tim Dunlap

3) Braden Workman

4) Matt Spaulding

Light Weight 148-160.9 – Advanced

1) Josh Souder

2) Will Horneff

3) Jamie Toney

4) Tony Kovalov

Welter Weight 177-185.9 – Beg/Int

1) Daniel Beagle

2) Steven Walters

3) Tom Feister

4) Jim Troth

Light Weight 155-170.9 – Beg/Int

1) Michael Sweiger

2) Brian Brown

3) Chad Novell

4) Marcin Michaler

Feather Weight 154 & Below – Beg/Int

1) Dustin Hazelett

2) Jason Dewitt

3) Adam Jones

4) Eddie Monero


One of the smoothest ran tournaments i've been to in a while. I think Brian H. spells his name with an "i" not a "y", lol. j/k