Any thruth to that? Here is a fight I think the Columbus fans would want to see again. A little sloppy but it's not like Gurgel had to chase the guy around the cage or anything.



How are things going?

- Dustin Ware

Awesome fight, that and the one in the stands too.

TTT for 2x VFC lightweight champion Jason Ireland!

Jay! haha, I got offered to fight you in the MI KOTC....I declined because we are friends, not because it was at the weight of 170 pounds!

P.S. Get Jay in the UFC!!!

ttt again.

Jorge is out(knee surgery). Angelo-working on it;)

Well that sucks

they are indeed going to OH..

I got the call yesterday & it was signed. I know who the reffs are toooooooooooooooo!!!

The card is being put together & looks real good !

Ill fight Jay for some Victory shorts

These tickets will sell out quick because "The Arnold"is th same weekend.Also Ohio HS wrestling champs in town that weekend too.I have 5 bedrooms so be nice....

No need for me to be nice......i live 40 mins from C-bus.......when will tix go on sale...and how can I get front row? I got the $$$$$ to spend!

me too, ol boy.

It would be awesome to see Coleman back in the UFC.

I might need to drive up from DC.... time to start sucking up to people... Go Buckeyes! ;) - soon to be BCS Football Champions

great fight. There are two guys both trying to f*cking win!

It would be nice to see some Michigan fighters on the card. I beleive that there are a few that deserve a shot...