Oi, Dana White!


"I don't care oooh they are...I don't care oooh they beat. I'm the fucking mon" ---- Lee Murray

Lee vs. Tito

Dana...make it happen!!!

Skelboy....there's been a lot of rumors going around....so I was wondering if you could clear something up for me...

Are you a part of Lee's Woolwich Massive? :)

ttt for Lee Murray. I definately want to see him vs. Baroni soon! I don't think there's any question that fight would be a huge draw. And Skelboy is right about a fair purse for Lee paying for itself.

LOL...fair enough Skelboy

But....do you think the Woolwich Massive could take out the West Stains Massive? ;)

Harder then a coffin nail Skelboy, preach brother, big ups!!

Skelboy, yous gots to be trippin

The West Stains Massive says that AK 47 be the tool, so don't be talking that shit, or they's going to be shootin up all of you

So, check yourself before you wreck yourself

I know Lee be your main man....in fact I think you might be going butty

But don't be talkin that shit or.....booka!!!....drive by :)

Savron, I agree

Skelboy, a wild rumor going around has it that it was Lee who hit pop star Justin Timberlake in London a few weeks ago. Any posibility of this?

lol fair enough just thought I'd give it a shot

Yeah, and I hear there is a videotape of Lee knocking Timberlake out cold floating around, and that Timberlake's marketing people are paying the owner of the tape big $$$ not to release it to the public..

By the way, Skelboy has a good point. Pay Lee the few extra Thou. It will be worth it to the fans and it would pay off for Zuffa.

Lee is an exciting fighter and there are not too many like him in the UFC..

I'm officially starting to believe Timberlake got a taste of Lightning Lee lol.

"lol, I hope so."
Who ever did must share your admiration for him cerebralathlete lol.

Shut up...

"Great minds think alike Mike "

And fools seldom differ...

This thread has KO'd the correct! The interviewer on insidefighting even says that Lee's not asking for an extraordinary amount of money, so pay it!