Oishi Judo in NYC?

How good is Oishi Judo in NYC for creating COMPETITIVE

You should go find out yourself rather than hear from the forum.


I've been to his dojo.. just want to know what other forum
members think of his dojo in creating competitive judo.


Oishi has many players that will get you into competitive shape. And by that, of course, I mean they'll beat the living shit out of you. Big guys, little guys, you're pretty much assured that there will always be someone there who's about your size, better than you, and willing to go as hard as you are. You will most likely have no problem picking them out if you watch for a little while.

The other side of the coin is that there are lots of guys in their 40s and 50s and much older who are not into competition and are focusing on the gentler, more technical, aspects of the sport. These are the guys to go to when you want to learn to fight smarter, not harder.

Of course, combining the two can produce my least favorite partner, an old man, much smaller, who doesn't care about competing, isn't straining anything, and he's still kicking the crap out of me.

Don't let the grey hairs, beer drinking in the dojo, and Oishi's genial joking fool you; those guys can fight and win.

Anybody ever go to Judo Kai? How far is it from the Manhattan? I've heard some good things.

Hey. I would say Shiina's as well. I can find out the info you need tonite, cause I will be going there. There are not a lot of competitve guys at Oishi. Marcus Watada actually trains up in Scarsdale now. The rest of the guys that were mentioned are in their 40s, so they compete in the master's division.

What is your age and weight. That would help a lot.


The winner of the 100+ in the NYAC a few years ago was from his club, but it was actually a Japanese guy who was over from Japan for a while -- not a club regular at the time.
Actually, Tanaka-san's there all the time now. He's a great partner. His uchimata is one of life's great inevitabilities and he's a patient teacher, too.

Make sure you show up for one of Sensei William's classes, as well. He's an very technical teacher, and an absolute sadist for strength and conditioning training. He's for the hardcore.

The cost of classes can run pretty high, though.

I don't think you should dismiss Oishi's dojo at all. As Willybone said, if you want to train hard, there are lots of guys there who will train as hard as you are. Its all up to you. Those guys in their 40's maybe older but they will gladly take it to you.
They know the sport. I wouldn't dismiss the younger students there either. Just because they don't compete, it doesn't mean they will not give you a run for your money. As I said, it's all up to you where you want to take your training.
There are students who come by and train there when on business or when back on holiday. Penn State students come by (his brother is/was the coach there). When the East Coast Champ. and New York Open comes along, alot of foreign players drop by, as well.
... and Yes, it is a bit pricey.

Thanks, man.
I will, of course, confess that I've never gone to any other judo school. I just have a hard time imagining what could be missing at Oishi's because so many of the guys are fantastic and I always feel like I'm at least 20% short of what they're asking for.

Then again, I'm a big loser, competitively, and wrecked my back when I tried using that missing 20% to get better.

A dude's gotta stick up for his Sensei, too.

I've been to Oishi's once. There was a big japanese guy there who was very good and there was a smaller brown belt who was pretty tough that liked to fight hard. Other than that, most were beginners. I was made to feel very welcome there.

I also trained at Spartak in Queens on that trip and the level of judo there was much higher. That place seemed like it would weed out a recreational player pretty quickly! Nobody really gave me the time of day at Spartak but I had a killer workout. If I'm in NY again I would try to work out at both places.

isnt OISHI like one of the baddest judo players in NYC? His
brother is an amazing coach and teacher... Would his
brother train an athlete competitively?

Bumping this to the top for information Shinaa's school.

I started out at Shiina's. Great school, Shiina is a really great guy, very willing to teach and show you what is wrong and right. He has some good players too.

does he teach at St. John's University as well?

Where is Shiina's school located? Does anyone have a phone number?


I was checking out that YMCA website....Zujitsu developed by Chaka Zulu? LOL!

Anyone in Hudson County should go to Tech Judo (APA) run by Clyde Worthen. He was Pan-Am Champ, Collegiate Champ, etc. etc. Alot of bodies to fight with and a huge mat.

One of his brothers teaches/taught(?) at Penn State. He is a wrestling/judo coach. I can't picture him as a badass, though. If you talk to him, you will know why. If he offers you tea, take it. It is the best tea you will ever have.

He won AAU in judo and wrestling in his division I believe in the sixties. I think he was also Teimoc's (Johnston-Ono?) sensei, but don't quote me on it. Their paths met that I know.

NYC Judoka60kg:

I saw in another thread you mentioned that one of the top
judo places is in brooklyn, with olympic hopefuls, how does it
compare to nyac?

Could you please tell me the name of it in brooklyn?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you