Ok, f*ck Lee Murray then...

and find me someone man enough to step up. I can't believe you went on pay-per-view and said you'd fight anybody at anytime, but when they offer you me, you run scared.

You say you don't know who I am, but who in the hell are you? I'm Joe Riggs bitch, control yourself. You say you wanted to find someone to stand with you, well here I am. I'll stand with you all night and knock your skinny ass out, you overhyped, scared fraud.

And next time you are in the UFC, wear some tights for christsakes. Those stilts you call legs are embarrasing. Seriously, try to hold a good account of yourself in public wasp legs.

As for Skelboy, another broken word of english out of you, I'll slap the beer out of your drunken mouth. I know guys like you and Lee Murray think you're tough because you English hooligans are used to sucker punching people, but this ain't soccer mate.

Farewell friends, and if anybody sees Murray, ask him why he's so scared. I'm just a 21-year-old butterball. We will meet up eventually, unless you finally grow some balls and fight me in June. But I don't think you're man enough.

It has nothing to do with money. From what I've been told, Murray's trainers just don't want him fighting a southpaw.

Murray needs a good old ass kicking

i think it has more to do with $ then it does with you

"I'm Joe Riggs bitch, control yourself"


I would not want to fight you at 185 eithier.

You monster. You just get your shot at whoever UFC puts you against and kick ass and prove yourself and then get a title shot like I always told you, you would.

You do not need to come on the underground and get into it with the thousands of trolls on this site. Anyone who knows MMA/NHB Fighting knows who you are.

Keep winning and stay injury free.

Your friend,
Krazy Mike

Joe Riggs just gained a fan!

ttt for calling out Murray...


"Im Joe Riggs Bitch" - Rick James

Cocaine's a helluva drug...

TJ is correct.


That was fucking awesome.

I think its more about $ than it is about you.

Lee is not backing up his talk...

Fight anyone my ass....

ttt for Joe Riggs

Murray knows that he has huge bargaining power due to the Ortiz incident, and he'll use that to get the fights he wants until the ultimate payday with Tito.

heellllooo joe,lol funny shit. murray fans he did say on pay per view, he would fight anyone, he should have said for a price.lol. his fans say he has nothing to gain by fighting riggs, because he isnt a big name, he has alot more followers and friends on here than murray does, should be a easy fight for you right murray? take the easy money and back up your big mouth..

"he has alot more followers and friends on here than murray does"

No, no he doesn't.

"Im Joe Riggs bitch,control yourself"

Im a Riggs fan as well!