'Ok' hand sign now=neo-nazi


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It's pretty easy to spot neo-nazis these days. Are they white? If yes, they are neo-nazis.

Literally Hitler used hand signs...coincidence I think not

^ lol

So what alt right bullshit idea is the ok sign supposed to mean

It actually is. The peace sign is too... slave owners use to use it when they were asked to show the number 2 with their hands. 

ABCTT Mr Lea -


OpenedUp - So what alt right bullshit idea is the ok sign supposed to mean
Overt Klan

It seems like we can’t even go a month without some stupid journalists falling for a prank anymore. This is starting to become a trend. At least once a month, /pol/ makes shit up to troll journalists, the journalists fall for it, normies believe the journalists and then get offended by something that is completely fabricated, making them look like idiots. It works like literally, every single time. Trolls have either become too smart, or the general population has just become too dumb.

About two months ago, 4chan trolls on /pol/ set out to convince journalists that the “OK” sign was a white supremacist symbol. Calling it “operation OKKK”, they set out to convince internet users, mostly on Twitter, that the OK sign had been co-opted by Neo Nazis. Users were advised to create fake social media account of “basic white girl names” and spam the social media sites, accusing the sign of being racist. “Leftists have dug so deep down into their lunacy. We must force [them ]to dig more, until the rest of society ain’t going anywhere near that shit”, the user said:

They created several memes of supposedly racist people using the sign, to make it seem more believable that the sign is indeed racist:

In no time, posts begun appearing all over social media, accusing the sign of being racist:

In the subsequent days and month, other posts were made on /pol/ to keep the operation active and alive.

Users were asked to use the hashtag “#Notok” to spread the message

It is odd theres so many people doing that.

4chan is gangster on that shit...we gotta pull some shenanigans like that

Pretty sure it's Malik obama that started this.

toelocku - https://youtu.be/gsTlOm1iknc

buckwheet oh tay pic


I never noticed the swastika on Mels head

Damnit well we at least still have our secret white power handshake.

Hahaha this lol

reelfoot - I never noticed the swastika on Mels head

It's a tattoo. He usually covers it up with makeup when he's out in public.

Who the fuck still uses the "okay" hand sign?  What is this...1950?

Has there ever been a group more ripe for trolling than the SJW idiots? So eager to jump on anything + a group of people devoid of any common sense = easy pickin's for /pol. 

The peace sign also now means "two genders" .