Ok how about some fantasy advice.

I have won many basketball leagues before. I usually do the best in that sport, even though I watch it the least of the big three(which is still a lot).

Anyways I am in a fantasy league. Going into this league I thought it was the best team I ever had. Well into the season I am in 8th. This is a 12 team league keep in mind.

Anyways here is the team.

PG Mike Bibby

SG Aaron McKie

G Michael Finley

SF Carmelo Anthony

PF Elton Brand

F Desmond Mason

C Dirk Nowitski

C Shaq

UTIL Rasho Nestorovic

UTIL Jiri Welsch/Alvin Williams

Now I think I absolutely have the best team on paper. I traded for Shaq about a month ago. My team has actually gotten worse. I kept expecting me to rise up over time. It just hasn't happened. I have had David Wesley at SG most of the season and McKie was still in the mix at UTIL(instead of Alvin Williams/Jiri Welsch, but other than that it has been stable all season. I don't know what to try and do. Any suggestions?

What kind of league....head to head or rotisserie?

Roto league. The trade dealine has passed so I guess I am fucked. I am dead last in steals and 3rd from the last in assists. I figured my best deal would be to trade Nowitski for Baron Davis, but I found out the deadline has passed. I guess I will just flounder in medicrity.

This late in the season it can be hard to make big moves in a roto league. What you'd need to do is try and find categories that with a small tweak on the waivers here or there could get you up a few spots in the rankings. If you're already strong in rebounds but could vault up a couple of spots if you grabbed another rebounder and your already in the basement in steals and assists, maybe you forget about those categories and grab another big man off waivers that might help push you up in the big man categories like rebounds, blocks, fg%, etc.

It's hard to say without seeing how you rank as opposed to everyone else. Maybe if you can post your leaderboard so that everyone can see where you stand some suggestions could be tossed out that might help.

This is the best I knew to do. I am Mitsawa United. I have no idea if this will be legible or not. Thanks.

I wish I could help you, but I am 12th out of 14 in our league.


BTW I have added the best player out there to help my 2 worst categories in Derek Fisher. He had the most steals and close to the most assists. He is getting playing time over Desmond Mason right now(I bumped Dirk to F and Rasho to C and play Fisher at UTIL). So right now I am running 6 guards to try and catch up on a few stats. The problem is Aaron McKie and Michael Finley don't get assits...