OK, I froze a thread

OK, I performed my fist act of moderation here. I froze the thread I started on banning or deleting. I didnt warn or ban either guys because I think they said what they wanted but really, that thread was going nowhere. Id like to keep it around for peer review .

I am glad to be the subject of your first imperial action as our new overlord buddy :)

it makes a good case study in moderation tactics. No problem getting both of your viewpoints out but it was turning south. BE DONE with it !!

ding* ding* feel free to move about the cabin.......

Don't steal my glory blud! Z deleted on of my posts already making ME the subject of his first imperial action!


You guys are funny.

Love you.

you were just a test yuki not the real thing, i was clearly acting out like a rabid animal and he had to put me down to protect the herd.

Ha !! you guys had it out and enough is enough. Nothing more productive was going to come about.

All you did was open a new thread so they could continue the fight on this one!

then Ill freeze this one. If it continues.....

Really I want that kept up so people can see where we need to draw a line. Email is an option but cluttering up the forum with death threats and stuff isnt reasonable.

I was just messing with you...

stkolbe is right i challenge everyone on this thread to a kung fu deathmatch

Bludhall, your kung fu deathmatch is nothing against my triangle. ;-)

The problem was that it turned personal and vindictive. That is where it crossed the line. Its understandable. When you accuse people of being bad parents, they are going to retaliate. On the flip side, pointing out what you think is flawed in another persons POV is acceptable. Emotions run high. Lets face it, most of us are mma enthusiasts and we are full of testosterone. None of us are likely to back down from insults in either direction. All is forgiven , no go about our usual, modalist/catholic/Eo/fundagelical/agnostic/gnostic ramblings.....

pistols at ten paces

How do you have 41890 posts???

most of his are probably from Tapout forum.

MASK you just bit off a bit more than you can chew, you are now ON my deathmatch list pal.

I may even dress like the Pope as i give you a whoopin

All is not forgiven either , i want shrinkbacks head on a pike as a warning to other fundies who dare to cross me.

Ahem. Email please......

you better have a bucket of that holy water