Ok, if you are up

Tessa Phone Post




11:35am here. Phone Post

Crooklyn - Consuela 

Ummm, it's only my favorite name in the english spanish dictionary..'

I'm going to get my feet a scrape.....What Movie???

Tess Phone Post

What Movie?

Josephine Phone Post


Francis Phone Post

Sophia Phone Post

Ttt Phone Post

LOx2 - Here we go again.

Unfortunately not everyone knows who you are at all besides a screen name.

Can anyone help me? Phone Post

LO, this is why it's so random....however someone has WON...if they know me, i will start a new contest...i thought this was random.

Matt Phillips is the random winner.

 Thats crazy lol

The Movie

"I gotta get my feet scraped"

Lox, matt does not know me and I don't know him....totally a guess.

6:30 am and i havent yet slept....ttt like a mufucka Phone Post