OK. Let's Talk Tie Tying...

Great thread.

I only learnt how to tie a tie...last week! *embarassed*

I used to have one of those ties where you could adjust the strap and it would fit, but I lost it and I had a job interview. Brother lent me one of his normal ties and made me watch a youtube vid on how to tie one.

This is the vid I watched. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BMhFmNzw-o I'm not sure what that style of tying is called, but that's how I do it.

Pratt. Very symmetrical. Doesn't use all the length of a half/full windsor.

Stupidnewbie -
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Stupidnewbie - Full windsor. Half-windsor's asymmetrical look always annoys me.
When done properly, it looks very symmetrical. Phone Post 3.0

Anyone who can properly tie a tie doesn't use a half-assed windsor, in my experience. Those who can't, wear their shit lopsided like a miserable kid in Sunday school.
It can be a case of necessity. The full Windsor makes the tie too short. Phone Post 3.0

email addy for a 1/2 Windsor photo from this morning??? Csnt post it from work. Its firewalled.

Usually full Windsor except with a knit tie then I do half (impossible to tie a full with the thick material and keep enough length.) Phone Post 3.0

OP, good tie makers frequently have different length ties.

Your tie knot is not generally supposed to be symmetrical. That's a novice mistake.

Four in hand is good for knit, square bottom ties.

DOUBLE four in hand is easily the best all around knot. I can post pics in a bit. It's the same as a 4iH but you loop it around twice.

Half windsor for bulky ties. It's my most infrequently used knot and only used when a tie is too thick for a double four in hand. Phone Post

Also, never use a full windsor. It's too symmetrical and bulky looking. It's for amateurs. Phone Post

Tommy Gunnz - i only know one way to tie a tie and I don't even know what type it is lol

This for me. Phone Post

Half windsor since my school days, just feels right. Phone Post

I do a double windsor, my neck(19.5) shortens the skinny piece to about 2-3" which just rests behind my tie.

Half Windsor and at the very end before cinching down I slide a pen into the bottom of the knot to make sure I have that cool indention.

Yes, always dimple the tie knot. Phone Post

How do you do a double four in hand? Very interested to know! Phone Post 3.0

I can't tie ties for shit. Luckily, I almost never have to wear one.

What's funny is when I was a kid and never had to wear them, I could tie them in my sleep.

half windsor checking in.

bow tie

How about we talk tie dying instead, faggot. Phone Post 3.0

I do the kind where you go around, then around again, then over, and through the loop.

the only way to go so now you don't look like everyone else

icedog11 -

the only way to go so now you don't look like everyone else

That's a crazy knot. I like that the length is set before tying, but it looks like some kind of metrosexual thing... I like the classic look. Also, not crazy about putting the tail up around the neck area. Phone Post 3.0