Ok Ok Vince Young isnt overrated

so im at the game last night watching my beloved cowboys beat up on the longhorns 28-9 and the world is aligned perfectly fast foward to the first series of the second half when vince takes off for an 81 yard run on 3rd and 12 and you just knew that was the end of the game even though we were still up by 2 scores. Vince and the longhorns never panicked and like a true leader he led his team back from death yet again. he really has that tom brady type shit going on.

i fucking hate texas this is the third year in a row we were up at half and blew a HUGE lead (last year blew a fucking 28 point lead, makes me want to vomit thinking about it).

Vince Young is crazy. How was the college football game besides the loss??

college football games are amazing. its awesome to be able to see guys in person before they become superstars in the nfl like eli manning, roy williams, cedric benson, tatum bell, vince young, brad smith, reggie mcneal, ect ect

wait...those guys are superstars in the NFL? Eli maybe...Roy could've been/might be...Benson might be eventually if T. Jones ever goes down...

They're 1st round picks making more money than you so yes, they are superstars.

lol dragon you are a dickhead!

oohh! so THAT'S what a superstar is...someone who makes more money than me? Shit, I only make $30k...guess it's not hard to be a superstar these days :P

My point was, those guys are first round picks and everything, but not what I'd call superstars when compared to real NFL stars. shrug Still fun to watch them play in college, don't get me wrong.

Everybody who plays in The League is a superstar.


Tom Tupa, Superstar:

Mitch Berger (holding), Superstar:

Peyton Manning and Brett Favre, Superstars:

Yep, everybody who plays in the league is a superstar.............

Tupa was a good punter, man.

So was Berger, but they're not Superstars because of their punting prowess. Thay're superstars because they played in the NFL.

How many of YOU played in The League?

I was the starting QB for the Bengals for the '95 and '96 seasons.

(who's gonna call me on that one?)

I still feel priveleged to have seen Vince Young when he was still in high school playing for Houston Madison. He was obviously a special player then. His team senior year had the most unstoppable offense I have ever seen on a high school team, and the absolute worst junior-high defense I have ever seen. He accounted for something like 59 TDs his senior year alone. In the playoffs his team lost to Austin Westlake by a score of like, 60something to 70 something. At the end, madison was so desperate for a stop (because a single stop might have won them the game, as they were scoring on every possession), that they put vince young in at safety too. He made something like 80% of their tackles at safety, but obviously wasn't enough by himself to stop Westlake's offense, just slow them down a bit. As a result, they lost the game, but put up 60-something points on one of the state's best defenses!