Ok really, is this a Megaladon shark? (vid)


WTF^^^ is that??

It's HUGE!!!

That's BWS - Big White Shark. Phone Post 3.0

I think that's one of a few species of large, sluggish, deep sea sharks. Similar to the megamouth or Greenland shark Phone Post 3.0

.................looks like a greenland shark



OR a 6 Gill Shark




GucciGucciGucci - 





This muthafucka is the dumbest shark on the planet.

'Uhhhh Duhhhh I'm a shark!'



First pic the thing looks like a Disney character. Phone Post 3.0

The look on that sharks face reminds me of faggot dog Phone Post 3.0

That does not look like a Greenland shark. Plus it's much bigger! Phone Post 3.0

Probably a pacific sleeper shark, and size is hard to determine without knowing how big that yellow platform is. If it was a megaladon it would be news, not a random youtube video on "Amazing Mystery Videos" Phone Post 3.0

its my mother in law im pretty sure

Looks like a six gill to me. Phone Post 3.0

That could make a lot of shark fin soup.

Old man shark Phone Post 3.0

subbed for ltr Phone Post 3.0

Its a dolphin dummy Phone Post 3.0