Ok Rory....

Is just playing more into this Patrick Bateman role, leather gloves with that coat!? He pretty much is Bateman.

Btw, sick coat Phone Post

Like a boss...Hugo Boss Phone Post

I think he just forgot to take off the gloves from the last murder he committed Phone Post

Dude gives me the chills. I shit myself during the weigh in when he told BJ to get the fuk out of his face.

He needed BJ tonight and calls out confit when it's all said and done Phone Post

Slevin Kalevra - 

The dude is trying way to hard. Hipster douche personified. Phone Post

Trust me, hipsters don't do anything as substantial as getting in the Octagon, he's just a weird guy with weird fashion tastes.


Hipsters pretend to be cool by emulating what cool people used to and dress like

Slevin Kalevra - The dude is trying way to hard. Hipster douche personified. Phone Post

Dude can do whatever the fuck he likes. He called out BJ Penn.

How tough are you? Phone Post

Canadian Psycho IMO Phone Post

Fernando Alonso - Canadian Psycho IMO Phone Post

Lol Phone Post

Now that Bonnar is retiring, someone's gotta take the name.

He's there to kick ass and do taxes.

God I hope bj beats the piss out of him. Just don't like that cat. Him n mike ricci should be a tag team. They r both a lil flakey. Phone Post

He REALLY does look like Pat Bateman its fucking awesome.

Says he doesn't care about status or what people think about him

Wears $1,000 coat Phone Post

What a fuckin creep. Phone Post