Ok, so who do you want?(draft)

the draft is in 30 minutes, who do you want your team to get? big suprise the knicks traded away their first round pick so they only have the 43rd pick overall. All of the great, good and so-so big men will be gone by then so I would love for them to draft Tony Allen who may still be there, or Andre Barrett.

I don't give a fuck, the Kings already have enough youngsters sitting on the bench, lol.

does anyone else hate all these fucking foreigners taking over the draft? mabe im just a dick but I want the American college kids on my team, not some jerkoff from russia or brazil

I'm ALL about seeing more foreigners in the NBA. I like seeing some of the different sort of play that some bring.

holy shit, i finally agree with floppy!

Im happy with the Cavs pick

Im happy with the Grizz picks..They got Antonio Burks , Andre emmett, and Sergei Lishouk....The fact that Burks (conference USA player of the Year), And Emmett (three time first team in the Big 12) slipped to to the second round was a bit of a suprise.Ive seen burks play and he is the quickest guard in this draft and incredible on defense..Jerry West said Emmett was a real good player, so I will take his word for it.They also played for great coaches in John Calapri and Bobby Knight.