OK, So who has tried this BLK Water?


Black teeth and shit Phone Post

 What was that?

Whats that? Phone Post

Kirik -  What was that?


BLK.'s organic proprietary formula with Fulvic Acid, transports nutrients directly into your cells, helping to restore and balance your body's electrical potential and ...

 Looks like Doo Doo water...which isn't surprising because it came out of your wrong forum asshole. 

I take this ^ after a workout for a couple of bucks 

How much is the BLK water?

 It's this water that has like 70something trace minerals, etc...supposedly tastes like regular water.


 "Our proprietary blend of Fulvic Acid (a derivative of plant matter) is mined from a 70 million year old source deep within the earth. Naturally black in color, the formula binds to the molecules of our pure Canadian Spring Water turning it naturally black, with no artificial dyes, coloring, or additives. Fulvic Acid is critical in growth of plant life, helping the transportation and absorption of nutrients. Fulvic Acid's small molecular structure allows for the fast absorption of over 77 different trace minerals and elements, powerful electrolytes, antioxidants, and free radical scavengers."

Blackwater > BLK Water IMO


My brother got it for me as a joke so I had to try it and it tastes just like regular water then I had to rind him WFA. Phone Post

 sounds racist


I'm down...

Don't think I could drink that w/o gagging, even if it does just taste like water

Black colored water=no bueno

I'll try it.

anything to get an edge. Phone Post

 Isn't this the shit that was on the Real Housewives?

So fulvic acid is good for plants! Yay
Let's all eat some!
Bat guano, worm castings and kelp extract are great for plants too and I'm not eating any of that Phone Post

 Pedialyte remains the next best thing after an IV of lactated ringers.

IV > ped > powerade > gatorade > this bullshit black water.

it comes from the F'ing sky for free.