OK so who you betting on, damnit?

beatbum -
MrRichardSmoker - $10 on Connor by decision to win $800. lol on William Hill app. I think Floyd's gonna clown his ass, but I thought what the hell, sun shines on a dogs ass every now and then.

Really? wow, I have that at +2000. Yours is +8000 damn
yeah saw that, I'm in OZ if that makes any difference.

MrRichardSmoker -
Brabatross -
Nature Boy Ric Flair -
ithurts11 -

$100 on floyd to win on points pays me $375 

and also placed $100 on McGregor by Ko/tko which pays $500

There's zero chance a 100 dollar bet on Floyd nets you that kind of return. You'd be lucky to see a $25 profit on that bet 

To win on points....
Yeah saw that. I'm in OZ if that makes any difference.
wrong quote