Ok..so who's next for Gomi?

Now that Gomi beat Pulver the way he did....what & who's next for him?....Does he go up a class?...or stay and keep fighting at 155?

He will stay at 160.5- the new weight class Pride has made. Pride will also showcase him, much like they did to Sakuraba in his prime.

Also, there will be a 160.5 grand prix this year.

IMO Gomi has much more to do before assuming he has this division taken care of, and moving to another.

There are many 155ers with better credentials at this point.

He will be the centerpiece of the lightweight division that Pride will be pushing this year. As for who's next, I'd say Sudo but it will never happen

I say he should avenge his loss to Hansen. That would be a good storyline for Pride to sell.

a rematch with Hansen would be good. maybe a match against kawajiri?

I have yet to see Hansen fight but have heard that he is "one tough son of a bitch" - as described to me by a friend

I'd love to see Pride snatch up some light weights. The Bushido Grand Prix, will be fast, and action packed. Gomi, Sudo, Penn, Hansen, Edwards, Pulver.....and many more.

Just imagine the possiblities.

I have seen Hansesn fight and I assure you that he is indeed one tough son of a bitch. He's badass. I think a rematch vs. Gomi would be one of the best fights of the year for sure.

LW Grand Prix is next.

Who is this Hansen fellow? Is he from Shooto?

How did Hansen beat Gomi?

Rematch Hansen first, then possibly a showdown with Kawajiri maybe.

Gomi vs. Shaolin would be good too.

Would Gomi fight Uno?

Maybe a Gomi UFC Invasion (Edwards, Franca, etc) would be good too.

I just dont think anyone can touch BJ at LW.

didnt anyone see bj tool gomi? it was easier than the way gomi beat pulver! total beatdown!

Joachim Hansen is a very tough Bjj fighter from Norway.  Really really solid ground skills, and has very heavy hands to boot.  His wrestling is lacking however.

Hansen took the shooto welterweight title from Gomi by decision back in August of 2003 by majority decision.  He then defended his title in December of 2003 and lost by armtriangle to Shaolin. 

Since then Hansen has gone 3-0 with wins over Red Devil's Sergey Golyaev, and ATT's "JZ" Calvancanti.

Hansen is fighting Yves Edwards in during the second round of MFC's lightweight GP in Feb.



"Hansen is fighting Yves Edwards in during the second round of MFC's lightweight GP in Feb."

So Hansen will fight. Excellent. I figured his hand would be healed by Feb. So that means Clementi is fighting Franca.

well at first I heard that Hansen was out, but Im pretty sure Miguel came on here later and said that Hansen WAS indeed fighting.

I never saw the Gomi/ BJ fight.....can someone explain what happened?.....Was it really a BJ beatdown too?...If so...man, he's an animal.

Hansen is very tough indeed...but I have the Hansen/JZ Calvancante fight here on VHS & it was much closer than people may think....trust me when I tell you....JZ gave him all he could handle, and lost a split decision only because I think Hansen was more recognized in Shooto at that time.

yes bj took him down and dominated him

brutal beatdown