OK... time to really get good

I want to get to the point I can do real Unix sysadmining and security with Linux and FreeBSD....

I am going to set up some machines on my home network and run services off of them for home network only.

here's a list of things I think I should play around with, on Linux, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD-

1. Set up sendmail, postfix, and qmail.

2. Set up Apache.

3. Set up SSH, SFTP, X11 over SSH, and SCP.

4. Set up ProFTPD, PureFTPD, and VSFTP

5. Set up a LDAP server.

6. Set up NFS and AFS networked filesystems, and Samba.

7. Finish learning Perl.

8. play with the firewalls (iptables, ipfw, ipf, pf) as much as possible... use TCPReplay to fire packets at it as a test.

9. Install Snort on a locked-down machine and expose it to the outside world.

10. Set up BSD-style printing.

11. Play with Tripwire and AIDE.

12. Play more with Mandatory Access Control systems.

13. Play more with PaX, Propolice, systrace, and W^X

14. Do Linux From Scratch.

any more suggestions?

have you done the linux from scratch?

not yet- that's something else I should do.

dude you should do that then add this list to it :)

That is a tall order. In particular, LDAP can be tricky, and AFS is even trickier. Also, Duke and MIT use AFS, but otherwise I am not so sure AFS is so widespread.

Don't let it take away from your graduation. If you don't work for yourself, the degree is important.

Other tasks (security oriented)

Configuring the "superservices" inetd and xinetd

Kerberos (if you do AFS, you will do Kerberos)

There is a lot to Apache. SSL, certificates, securing scripts (CGI) and SSI includes. Plus Squid.

DNS (BIND). dnssec, access controls, and other security features in the BIND configuration file.

Basic concepts of PAM (I don't know if BSD uses PAM, but Solaris does as well)

VPN's, IPSec


Sending secure mail

I need to learn this stuff too.

actually, I'll add it to the list...

Oh boy!

That is one tall order!

Also, configuring libwrap (hosts allow and deny). This has applications for inetd, xinetd, ssh, nfs, and nis (through portmap). But I"m sure you know this one already.

Rob and asdf know their shit

i hope one day i would know half have the shit u guyz know

How about pass Calculus I?

SHould be right around the top.


this is what I'm doing on weekends, not during the week.

the week is reserved for schoolwork.

more suggestions!

Wireless security (i.e. a wirelless vpn or IPSpec) also checkout out free/swan.

That list isn't long enough? It's almost everything you need to know to be a Unix sysadmin (well NIS too, but NIS isn't so hot for security).

(edited: everything in terms of network service anyway. You also have to know mundane stuff like the options to usermod, how to set quotas, and so on)

code quake 4 is assembly language and optimize it to run flawlessly on a p-133 with a gforce 2mx.

geforce 2 mx is PCI 2.2, P-133 mobos are all PCI 2.1
at most.


Are these goals just things that you're interested in or are they tailored to your prospective field?

I want to do security. Mainly creating secure host servers and bastion hosts.

you have to know a lot of sysadmin aspects to do most operational stuff.