Ok, Which OGer Is This?

It Was Time to Move On!

"I believe my husband of 22 years has given me ample reasons to kick his butt to the curb. For starters, he lied to me about sleeping with his student assistant 2 months before we got married, in fact, I found a letter to him from the girl stating that she "was relieved" that she was not pregnant. Why he saved her letter, I will never know. About 3 months after we were married, I overheard him telling his mom that he shouldn't have married me because he was "not in love with me". Then I caught him having an "inappropriate" relationship with a co-worker; on our 18th wedding anniversary I caught him sharing porn with one of my former clients. But the final straw came earlier this year when I discovered that he was having a sexual affair with a married woman who is the mother of 3 children. My soon to be ex-husband has finally "jumped the shark". Now, he is disrespecting not only our marriage but another man's marriage as well. I've had enough, it's definitely time to move on."

1. It's clearly an OGer since she stuck around this long.

Which means the dick was good. (OG trait)

2. It's clearly an OGer since she is whining about his ways online.

3. Sharing porn with a co worker on your wedding anniversary?

OGer. Phone Post

lol at #3 Phone Post 3.0