Okay Canada, Penn X Hughes and why

Who do you guys think will take it this weekend and why?

I'm going with BJ!

I'm going with BJ too.

My breakdown on how these guys compare are BJ has the better Agility,BJJ and standup.I give Hughes the takedowns skills and strength.Both guys have tons of experience.As far as the mental edge that's a tough one.BJ has beaten Hughes before but I don't know if that is a plus or negative.

Whoever wins this is going to be a great fight.I honestly believe that BJ has Hughes number.He just match's up better against Hughes and will it will be great to see BJ and GSP go at it again after BJ gets his belt back.

Just my opinion

I want BJ as well but think Hughes will win it. I think Hughes will pick him up and slam him a few times, and simply break BJ's will to win.

Baleia, you never gave your reasons you chose BJ.

I think BJ will be a tough guy to get off his feet to slam.Mind you if anyone can do it Hughes is the guy.

Hard one to call. If it goes the distance then I say Hughes. If it ends early then I say Penn. Funny how the tables have turned from the first fight. A lot of people thought Penn was out of his mind moving up a weight class and taking on Hughes. Barring his ability to pull off his big slams, I don't think that Hughes would knock out or submit Penn.

why, because Matt will take BJ down for shizzle. Matt wont be better on the ground and BJ will do things to confuse him or take his back again. my prediction

Hughes by spine-tingling submission, leaving thousands of BJJers wondering what the hell they just witnessed.

What are the betting lines like?

Bet Eagle says Hughes is +ve and BJ is -ve.

That means Hughes is the underdog right?


Maybe I am not reading it properly.

Penn because I lost bets the last time they fought. Haven't bet against Penn since.

Copied from "Hughes will beat Penn" thread:

The way I see it, this fight is BJ Penn's to lose for the following reasons:

  1. Penn has already defeated Hughes before in a dominating fashion. 2. Even though Penn lost to GSP in his last match, he received next to no damage from GSP, and seemed to weave through the punches with incredible ease. 3. BJ's striking ability IMO is better than Hughes. 4. BJ's ground is better than Hughes.

On the flip side Hughes has:

  1. Greater strength. 2. Better stamina.

If BJ shows up out of shape and Hughes is able to take it past the 1st round, then BJ tends to loose interest and Hughes will get the nod from the judges, otherwise it will be a first round rear-naked choke just like the first match and BJ will de-throne Hughes.


A) because I hope so

B) to disprove the idea of a country breakfast being good for you

C) hughes will allow penn to take the fight to him (as he will be afraid to make a mistake)

he's motivated to avenge the loss
he's much better than he was
BJ has not been fighting as often and may not be as sharp or hunger as he was.

Rickson by armbar

Hughes all the way.

BJ won't have the stamina to go 5 rounds of work with Hughes.

Hughes' grapping is, even now, immensely underrated. Fine, he's no BJ, but all he has to do on the ground is stay on top and keep out of trouble.

Georges proved that you don't have to be pe de freaking pano to survive and even score on the ground with BJ

I really don't see BJ winning this unless he hits a freak sub, the grappler's equivalent to a flash knockout.

Of course, a BJ win is long-term better for the division, as then Georges gets to beat him for the title and then rematch Hughes. If Hughes wins, Georges rematches (and hopefully beats him) for the title, and the division has to go looking for someone else to step up. Then we have to deal with Diego "please punch me in the mouth" Sanchez cutting promos.

Hughes first round by strikes.
just to prove a point

Matt Hughes will win by a country breakfast.


I'll disagree as to all subs being calculated. Often times while rolling, you'll 'fall into' a sub that you didn't set up. Much like often times during stand up, you'll throw out a punch just as someone dips in and end up with the KO. You threw the punch, so it's not a complete fluke, but you didn't expect to connect with such authority.

Many times I'll tap a superior roller simply because I caught him in transition with a move I wasn't even trying to set up, but ooops! perfect combination of right time and right place and there's my sub.

That's the sort of sub I'm talking about, as opposed to BJ having Hughes in his guard and methodically pressuring and transitioning leading inexorably into a submission. (which if he can pull off, btw, would be the most impressive sub of the year).

No matter who wins or loses, it's nice to have a championship fight with some build-up. Unlike a lot of championship matchups, this one doesn't give the feeling of Champion vs Whomever We Could Find Next.

Can't wait for this fight!


LOL @ superior positioning and my having even a passing acquaintance with it. You've obviously never seen me roll, eh?

Another example of a flash submission? When that sneaky weasel Frodo pulled a guillotine out of his arse. YOU HEARD ME FRODO! YOU FLUKEY B@STARD! YOU"VE BEEN DUCKING ME EVER SINCE!!!

Where can I learn these freak subs??? never seems to happen to me.