okinawa, japan

Im in Okinawa Japan right now and I need a place to roll. Does anyone know where a place is or have heard of any?

Where abouts do you live?

Im stationed on MCAS Futenma

Ah - so you are military.
What I had in mind might be tricky.

There is a whole bunch of good places to train here though.

Drop me a mail at

We train BJJ at Courtney Gym T/W/T 8-930pm Tues & Thurs gi Wed no gi. We will start back up on 8 Jan

Hey Michael,
Is there many train at your place?
Although the big no-gi tournament is coming soon, I was hoping to brush up on my gi-work which has stagnated.
So planning a Tokyo trip soon.

Met a bunch of Judo guys, but they are competition orientated and so not all that interested in ne-waza.

It varies, these guys are in the military and sometimes they are out of town. We have anywhere from 4 to sometimes 8 guys. There was a Carlson Gracie purple belt here but he left island. Now there is a hand full of blue belts and some tough white belts. Saturday am around 0930 grapplers get together at Risner on Kadena. Like I said alot of these guys are in the military so its kind of hit and miss. I arrived here on Oki in July 03 and started training guys in Aug so I could have people to roll with. As far as I know there is no other BJJ/submission grappling classes on Oki. My email

Is Team Okinawa still there?

I was stationed in Oki from 94-98.

Check out Mitsuhisa Sunabe gym in Naha. It is a Pancrase gym.