Oklahoma Police Shoot Inmate Who Took Detention Officer Hostage

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Good retort fella. I concur with all you said. I dont disagree with anything, I just think the family is shocked and hurt that there asshole family member was killed so theyre reacting out of emotion, which doesn’t excuse it, but makes it a bit more understandable.
Thanks for responding like that. Feel free to say hi or be a dick to me anytime man. I look forward to discussing and arguing with you assholes for years to come.
All love.
“Every man is a variation of yourself”

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Reacting out of emotion is understandable. And it’s always a surprise to me how some really trashy danger-to-society-no-good families are sometimes were tight and caring, for all their low expectations and “crabs-in-a-bucket” mentality.

But suing makes it about them wanting some easy cash, nothing to do with pain. The system, more than them, is fucked if they can actually sue, even more so if they can win!

And while Pedro is a usual a total apologist for POS, he’s right that it is NOT normal to be in prison 2 years awaiting trial! The “justice system” is truly fucked.


All good points sir.

I wish i could shoot a handgun like that. they should have shot that little hyena walking around that stabbed the guard too

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That reminds me of that cross dresser army guy who went off post and met up with the taliban in afghanistan. He then proceeded to say he did it to show how bad the reaction times of the base is when it comes to guys going awol and just stubbled across the taliban by accident.

Good riddance, scumbag.

And fuck that dude’s family too. If anything the county should be suing the family for raising such a bag of shot who became nothing but a burden on society.

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THAT would have been good to see.

Fortunately the other guards will see the video, so I’m sure that scumbag will get a little extra attention from time to time…