Oklahoma State Cowboys 2010-2011 Season Preview


 My favorite team and coach!

nice! are you from oklahoma? did you go to OSU?

 Nope. From Boston. Just always liked John Smith and his style. He's very analytical.

Plus some of his former wrestlers are doing pretty good in MMA.

oh cool, i actually grew up a diehard iowa hawkeye fan but ended up going to oklahoma state so that had to change lol

looks like this year the pokes may begin to really challenge for the championship again, they have had a shitty couple of season since they won 4 titles in a row (and when i say shitty they were still top 10, just not top 3 like normal)

I think they have a good shot this year. 2 seasons ago they had a really bad year. But they are looking good for this year and I dont see Smith letting the same thing happen this year.

I live in Oklahoma and grew up a COWBOY fan John Smith is my favorite coach I remember growing up going to his youth wrestling camps it was a blast Phone Post