Oklahoma State University Judo

Does anyone have the OSU judo team's contact information?

James Hendricks is the head instructor.


I wasn't answering myself btw: ) I'm trying to get a phone number, or something, couldnt find one on that site.

Hmmm yeah I thought that was strange... LOL

Did you sell you Spanish uchimata yet? LOL I remember you trying at every opportunity to get rid of it.

maybe contact some of the other fellas in OK.. like Pat Burris?

I gave one copy away Osotogake, probably put the other one up on ebay within a few weeks, unless your interested?

Good idea Resnick! thanks

Sorry. No hablo espanol. No me gusta uchimata.

lol si senior

Or jus simply call the school........????

Maybe ask for the Recreation or Athletic department.

bah, still no luck, OSU didn't have a number and havn't heard back from Mr. Burris.

contact ron tripp. you can get his email off the USA Judo website

Will do, thx man.

Pat is a ways from OSU he's in Norman close to Oklahoma City not Stillwater. Martin Bregman is in Tulsa.