Oklahoma's finest?

Guess they didn't like the black man getting invovled..


 I thought your rule was no fatties?

Mepaqehe has brutally humiliated KUIndustries. I'd be surprised if he ever posted on the interwebs again.

 It is, but I just went to Google and typed in "Hawaiian" and that popped up.

Type in oklahoman and you get..seriously..


 type in Oklahoma and you get

 For KUIndustries since he obviously doesn't know how:

 Wow, that's a big ass picture.

Also, why you looking at such high res pics of little boys?


Fun is fun, and I'm all for it...

But I'll be damned if I'm gonna stand by while sick pedophiles like KUIndustries flaunt their sick love of small boys on the OKUG.

Take that shit somewhere else, you sick bastard. I would suggest here: http://clugston-fightingworld.ning.com/forum

Why would I take a picture of an oklahoman to whatever forum that is?

Just saying, thats what you get when you type in Oklahoman.

Now if I type Mike Lyles one of your buddy spilled the beans on you

"Just keep your eyes open for Mike Lyles - he's always trying to check the new guys oil."

Keep calling yourself gods children. More like on the 8th day god took a shit and out came Oklahoma


This guy is even worse than Pat Smith.