Ol Skool / New Skool/ wannabe Gangstas check in

I never claimed but would like to see how many are on here. What set? What city? Crip or Blood? This should be interesting Phone Post 3.0

was in tagging crew back in the early 90's, even made the font page of the news in L.A. .Somewhere around 94 the eme put out a no tagging, all crews either become Sur Threces or break up rule. We became South Siders, I'm white so it was easy for me to eventually walk away but most of my mexican friends that stayed through the 2000's are dead in Jail or have a nice addiction. It was more like cops and robbers for us, we all just wanted to be like American Me or Menace to Society but weren't truly evil or badass, just some crazy kids....then people started dying and shit gets real. I'm stil in good standing and can run with the mexicans or the Woods if I ever went to jail but I dont plan on ever going there again so....

My hoods on this page.



teh OG

blues clues word up to the (insert area code) Phone Post

^lol Phone Post 3.0