OLD 80's BARDS TALE games! Memories?

I remember, before I ever was able to GET a computer, watching my friend play Bards Tale 2 on his Commodore 64. EPIC and sooooo difficult for the time. Hell, even for now.

I loved how complicated the dungeons were. You actually HAD to get out a pice of graph paper and map it, praying a spinner didn't throw you off.. lol

ZZGO anyone?

Years later a bunch of ex employees made a game exactly like it, old square box and everything, but couldnt call it bards tale..so it was called Devil Whiskey. Great flashbacks!! Could only order it online.
Anyone have any memories of these classic games that began my addiction to RPGs?

 Bard's Tale was awesome. So many memories of that game. I miss RPGs that let you make your party like in real D&D. Now you can make one character, or often none at all, and the rest are just assigned to you.

I played the NES version, not nearly as good.

But now you can google the dungeon maps, and even then it's not exactly easy.

I remember going through lots of graph paper.

I would love a remake of these and Might and Magic to play on iphone.

Just to play anywhere. are they available online anyplace?

I'm old. 37. :) This is from the 80's. computer. sigh
What a great game.