Old Age Make You Sensitive?

Get off my lawn.

I’m an old dad (51 with a 9, 5, and newborn), and a combination of being older and being a dad has made me sappy. I was a crime scene detective for my last eleven years, and i went from clinical to emotional when kids were involved… not that it was ever a real treat.

Now, My 5-year old sings cute Christmas songs at chapel, and i get teary.

There are a couple of songs I can’t even listen to because I’m such a softy!

Getting older brings life experiences that seemed far away a couple decades ago. Most of my friends have lost at least one parent, we’ve had friends die, a few from natural causes…

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Beautiful sentiment, ole dad. Same.

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Also, you are a madman starting over again at your age! How old is your wife?

I was just thinking about this the other day! One thing I have noticed more since I have gotten older and became a dad is that when I get really happy I’ll start to tear up. Especially when I see father and son type stuff.

I’ve never cried tears of joy until recently lol


I’m definitely becoming more OCD as I get older

Lol! My wife is 31… twenty years younger… both of our first marriage. We did things a bit backwards. Co-habituated and had kids before we got married.
Summer of ‘19, we got married in Aruba, and the older boy was my best man, while the little dude was the ring-bearer.

“Somehow”, my wife (Fertile Myrtle) got pregnant last year. Ughhh I was on the chopper out of ‘Nam… home free!! Disembarked the chopper, and re-upped for another tour!! Now we have a three-week old! Lol

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when i had only 3 channels, i was less picky about the movies i saw

now i am very picky cuz everythings available free

i’m not nearly as heartless as bastard as i was