Old challenge match (pic)

Found some old screen shots lying around.

Hopefully the pic didn't get resized too small.


This one might be larger.



Bluenamer: http://home.comcast.net/~bwhitesides/Challenge_Match.jpg

nice pics. i'm assuming your the dude in the black? What kinda match was this? Looks like you got ipponed and transitioned to win by guillotine.

Yes, I was the guy in the black, but there was no winner. I couldn't get enough leverage to sink that choke. The entire 45 minutes was uneventful, but I got beat up pretty good and thrown around several times.

It was a submission match and I didn't know anything about the guy I was competing against, until we went to pick him up at the gate to do his paperwork to get him on base. Turns out he was the Japanese Self-Defense Force Champion for Open and 100Kgs. Had 3 consective years of rule, plus a couple of years as second best. He was friggin HUGE!

Anyway, I thought it would be something interesting to show. I am not sure that when I used to post pics that I ever got that one up or not.

Thanks to sym for getting that viewable.